How to find a designer who fits your needs

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Many people become overwhelmed just at the thought of trying to find a graphic designer for their needs. They don’t begin the search because of that overwhelm and end up being stuck with designs they created themselves that don’t fully articulate them or their brand.

So how does one get past the overwhelm and find someone who fits their needs?

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Twists and Turns + a few bunny trails: There were a few twists and turns and definitely some moments when I wished I could start over again. See, I’m not naturally given to thinking ahead of the curve. I tend to live life, taking things as they come, instead of intentionally avoiding problems. It’s one of those personality traits that has gotten me into trouble more than once!

Anyways, back to the story behind choosing a business name. . . Let’s be very clear, there are so many options for business names, so many in fact, that choosing just one can be a bit of a problem.

First, I chose the name ‘Focus Design’ and began with a logo design. Now this is where I did things backwards. . . After the logo design, I did research to see if the name was available. It was, but somehow the name just didn’t feel right. Focus can seem like a harsh word, sharp, not friendly or welcoming. So I scrapped that plan and started over.

Keep in mind that if you’ve never had design work done, especially if it’s for your business, that you are looking for someone who you are able to cultivate a long-term relationship with. You will save yourself time and resources in the long run, if you take the time to research properly and make sure that who you work with is a good fit. Finding a designer can be difficult and starting the process over every few years can be a serious time suck, because it will take a bit of time to brief the designer and get them on board with your vision.

1) Talk to someone who has had design work done in the past. Find out who they worked with. Where they happy with the service and/or products they received? Did their project move along smoothly, or did the company/designer they worked with constantly drop the ball? Did they have long or short wait periods between revisions? Did they feel heard? Was their design vision executed in the way they hoped? Was the overall experience for them a good one?

2) Once you’ve established that the designer/company has a good reputation, see some examples of the work they’ve done in the past. Reach out to them and talk about what you are looking for as far as design and the time frame you are needing your project completed. Ask them about the process that a normal project takes and see if it’s compatible with you and your way of working. If at this point you feel like you’re not being heard or respected, the designer is not catching the vision for your project, or their time frame doesn’t suit yours, chances are, they’re not a good fit for you.

3) Cost: This is often top priority in your mind. But, take a minute and put cost somewhere lower on the list. Yes, it is important that you establish a reasonable budget for your project, so you don’t over-spend. But working with someone who catches your vision, hears and respects you are more important than cost. I don’t believe that you want to pay rock bottom prices for design when the person you are working with just isn’t getting you, isn’t responsible, doesn’t keep their word, and just plain doesn’t respect you. I would personally be happy with expanding my budget a bit and cut back in some other areas, just to work with a designer who treats me well.

If you feel you’ve found someone who you will be able to work with and is within your budget. Yay! I wish you all the best.

If you dropped by to read this post because you are looking for a designer. Head over to my portfolio and see if the work I’ve done in the past works with your style. Then contact me. If you have any questions at all, I’d love to hear them and help you out.

Drop a comment below to let me know if this was helpful information, or if there is something you would love to hear about in the future.

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