How on earth do I decide what wedding stationery design to choose?

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These days, Pinterest is the first place many brides go to find inspiration.

But let’s be honest, the options are ENDLESS and quite frankly OVERWHELMING!

• Begin as soon as you are able to look at design ideas. Early on you will probably have an idea what style your wedding will be. Create a board on Pinterest specifically for your wedding stationery,  and search for stationery that appeals to you and fits the style of your wedding. When you save a pin that you like, ask yourself, “Why does this appeal to me? What do I like about this design? What do I not like about it?” Use the answers to these questions to communicate with your designer.

• Once you’ve chosen the colors and flowers you will have at your wedding, you can be more specific in what stationery you are looking for. But do not limit yourself to only stationery that has the exact colors and flowers of your wedding. There may be aspects of a design that you like, but the colors and flowers don’t match. No worries! If you choose a stationery designer who offers custom design, changing those things are usually not an issue.

Following are a few wedding styles and how to choose your stationery to match:



 Your stationery should be clean and have plenty of white space with minimal design elements. (I use this term pretty often in the rest of this post, so to clarify what I mean, when I use design elements I’m referring to everything that is used in your design outside of the text and backgrounds, this could include flowers, lace, watercolor swatches, swirls, etc.) 

To keep it extra clean and minimal, do not use a script font. If you use a script font, choose something clean with few flourishes. Adding a pastel color to some of the text adds a bit of interest but still keeps the design clean.


Background options for this style include: cream paper, brown (like kraft) paper, or cream paper. Often sunflowers or roses are the flower of choice for this style, baby’s breath is a nice accent flower. Using lace in the design works well. 

In my experience, this is a design style where it’s easy to go too far with adding different design elements. So keep in mind that the flowers and other design elements on your stationery should give your stationery a cohesive feel and lead the eye to the important parts of the invitation, namely the text.


Watercolor flowers and design elements are currently popular with this style. The stationery could have a hand-made feel to fit well with your wedding. Lace adds a vintage touch.

The design could be as minimal as the modern style, but often has a few more design elements that add interest, movement, and texture.


This style is very whimsical, fun, and carefree. Your stationery should have lots of floral elements using different shades of complimentary colors. It should have an unexpected fun feel.

Use a neutral background to give the eye a place to rest. Using a script font for some of your text works really well with this style.

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